Muktakash Rangamancha, Saradhabali, Puri, Odisha, India
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Folk Fair 2023

21st Folk Fair 2023

Keeping India's Culture & Culture Alive!!
Highlights of Folk Fair 2023
  • The Fair has been inagurated by The Governorn of Nagaland His Excellency Shri La. Ganesan
  • The First Evening have Shri Ranendra Pratap Swain , Cabinet MInister Agriculture & Farmers' Empowerment as the Guest of Honour
  • The Shrikhetra Samman 2023 was being awarded to Padma Shri Utsav Charan Das , Eminent Folk Dancer
  • More than 25 Sates participated in the 21st Folk Fair 2023 with 500+ participants

21st Folk Fair-2023 “Keeping India’s Culture and Heritage Alive”: National Tribal, Folk Song & Dance Festival with National Level Exhibition will be held at Muktakash Ranga Manch, Saradhabali, Jagannath Dham, Puri, Odisha, India from May 30- June 03, 2023, organized by Shree Shrikhetra Soochana. . Folk Fair 2023 aims to showcase the cultural diversity of India. The Indian Culture is now a days being forgotten by the Gen Z population it’s main aim is to bring people back to their roots .

Have A Glance on Folk Fair 2023

Organised By:-

Shree Shrikhetra Soochana

Shree Shrikhetra Soochana

A Leading Organisation of Puri


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Event Ideology


We at Folk fair signify the concept that we Indians are being taught by our elders i.e. “Basudhaiva Kutumbakam” that means The Whole World is a Family.

Celebrating 75 Years of Independence

Folk Fair celebrates 75yrs of Independence. We try our best to showcase the cultural diversity of India to the guest from foreign.


celebrating cultural heritage of india

Folk fair-2023 is the platform to celebrate the cultural diversity and heritage of India. Our culture is our pride and identity.


Promoting Tourism

Folk Fair gathers cultural group from across the country at a single stage and ultimately promote tourism sector by attracting gatherings.

National Level Art & Craft Exhibition

At Folk Fair 2023, a national-level exhibition is held where the tribal groups can showcase and sell their arts and crafts, Artifacts etc.

Folk-Dance-Folk Fair 2021

Promoting Folk Culture

Folk song & Dance performance by famous troops of various tribes from more than 25 states. A stage to celebrate unity in diversity.

Signifying Incredible India

Celebrating Incredible India, promoting Indian culture, showcasing Indian heritage. Folk Fair a single platform to showcase India.


Recognising The Ekinent Personalities

We at FolkFair recognize the tribal leaders from various parts of the country and felicitate the Folk Fair Award & eminent government officials who works for the betterment of the these people.