Muktakash Rangamancha, Saradhabali, Puri, Odisha, India
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05thFolk Fair 2007 :- 12thMay 2007 to 13th May 2007
location_on:- Muktakash Rangamancha,Puri
Rally From Singhadwar to Muktakash Rangamanch Traditional Dance of Puri

5th Folk Fair 2007

The Folk Fair is the platform initiated by the SSS to promote the tourism sector of the state of Odisha & to bring the cultural heritage (art, craft, folk dance etc.) of the Indian Tribal population in a single platform. Folk Fair 2007 was the fifth step in achieving the milestone of bringing the entire India on one stage to showcase their culture and owe their gratitude in front of Lord Jagannath

Folk Fair 2007 Highlights:-

  • It was inagurated by Dr. Arabind Kumar Padhee , I.A.S , Secretery Ministry of Textiles ,Odisha
  • It was organised at the Muktakasa Rangamancha premises of Puri from 13th May,2007
  • Fourty Troops paticipated from the entire India.


Event Facilities

Event Ideology

Promoting Cultural Heritage of India

  • The Indian tribals despite their poverty and poor living.
  • Conditions and some of them on the throes of extinction have something extraordinarily original and unique to offer to the rest of the world.
  • There is no denying that their art and culture, which have involved through centuries, bear the stamp of their ideas.
  • thoughts best expressed in their community songs and various dance forms.

promoting tribal culture in india

  • Folk Fair try to demonstrate how these inhabitants of this primeval land, their traditions, and practices have interpenetrated almost all the aspects of Indian culture and civilization.
  • Attempts would be made to help the groups and individuals to showcase their talents in the preservation of their songs and dances as spectacular forms of tribal art and culture.
  • Performing arts and convention-based rituals best represent the cultural health of a country.



Awards and Recognition

  • We recognize the tribal leaders from various parts of & recognize them at Folk Fair & inspire them for cultural development.
  • Acknowledging the singular contribution of people of performers in the fields, particularly those who have been working against all ads, it is proposed to felicitate/honour them n the days of the festival.
  • The FOLK FAIR AWARD is conferred upon a distinguished tribal woman, who staying away from the mainstream, has made a laudable contribution to the welfare of her community.
  • Similarly, SHRIKSHETRA SAMMAAN is awarded to two eminent personalities among those who have earned a reputation for their extraordinary efficiency in administration & vision.
Folk-Dance-Folk Fair 2021

Promoting Tourism

  • This Mega Event is one of the main attraction of the Puri Town.
  • Audience count of 10000
  • This enhances the tourism of Puri and it’s neighbouring tourist places as the audience profile mainly comprises of different Government Officials, Cabinet Ministers , Foreigners, Patrons of Indian Culture