Muktakash Rangamancha, Saradhabali, Puri, Odisha, India
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Muktakash Rangamancha, Saradhabali, Puri, Odisha, India

5th Folk Fair 2007

The Folk Fair is the platform initiated by the SSS to promote the tourism sector of the state of Odisha & to bring the cultural heritage (art, craft, folk dance etc.) of the Indian Tribal population in a single platform.

Folk Fair aims to emphasize the importance of tribal culture and establish its originality and uniqueness. It will also try to demonstrate how these inhabitants of this primeval land, their traditions, and practices have interpenetrated almost all the aspects of Indian culture and civilization. Attempts would be made to help the groups and individuals to showcase their talents in the preservation of their songs and dances as spectacular forms of tribal art and culture.

The tribal cultural heritage of India reverberates with a mosaic of rituals and practices which has the potential to rub shoulders of the greatest of ancient cultures in Africa, Asia, Egypt & China. Performing arts and convention-based rituals best represent the cultural health of a country. The Folk Fair which is launched by the Shree Shrikshetra Soochana (SSS) tries to address the issues. The event is studded with live presentations and performances by those who best represent the best of an ancient cultural heritage that now stands on the gateway of extinction.