Muktakash Rangamancha, Saradhabali, Puri, Odisha, India
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Muktakash Rangamancha, Saradhabali, Puri, Odisha, India

ବିଶ୍ଵନିୟନ୍ତା ଙ୍କ ରଥ ବିଶ୍ଵକର୍ମା ହେ ବରିଷ୍ଠ ରଥ ସେବକ ! ତୁମକୁ ପ୍ରଣାମ We Salute Your Hardwork Your Sacrifice in this Covid 19 pandemic will be remembered till Ages !!

ବିଶ୍ଵନିୟନ୍ତା ଙ୍କ ରଥ ବିଶ୍ଵକର୍ମା

ହେ ବରିଷ୍ଠ ରଥ ସେବକ ! ତୁମକୁ ପ୍ରଣାମ

Shree Shrikshetra Soochana is one of the oldest social and cultural institutions in Puri. It has been decided on behalf of our institution to felicitate all the senior craftsmen ( Above age of 50 ) who are engaged in the construction of the chariot of the Lord without going back to their home for months due to the fear of Covid 19 pandemic and have completed the gigantic chariots of the Lord by providing their sacrifice, devotion and service.The event is going to  appear at the Niladri Bhakta Niwas Conference Room in Grand Road, Puri on 09th August,2021 at 5 pm.


Taladhwaja Ratha Servitors

  • Nrusingha Mohapatra
  • Shyama Sundar Maharana
  • Dibakar Maharana
  • Kumar Maharana
  • Laxman Maharana
  • Ghanashyam Maharana
  • Damburudhar Mohapatra
  • Satya Narayana Maharana
  • Somanath Maharana
  • Brundaban Maharana
  • Bansidhar Maharana
  • Bhagirathi Moharana
  • Laxmidhar Maharana
  • Gadadhar Maharana
  • Jagannath Maharana
  • Nakula Bhoi
  • Dhruba Charana Bhoi
  • Sura Bhoi
  • Nilakantha Das
  • Ganeswar Mohapatra
  • Purna Chandra Mohapatra

Debadalana Ratha Servitors

  • Krushna Chandra Maharana
  • Surenda Maharana
  • Narayana Maharana
  • Rabindra Maharana
  • Bhobani Maharana
  • Lingaraj Maharana
  • Dinabandhu Maharana
  • Laxmidhar Maharana
  • Ganesh Maharana
  • Krupasindhu Maharana
  • Shyam Sundar Maharana
  • Kanhei Maharana
  • Rabi Bhoi
  • Basant Kumar Bhoi
  • Benu Bhoi
  • Praful Das
  • Purna Chandra Mahapatra
  • Damburudhar Mohapatra
  • Manoj Kumar Maharana
  • Madan Mahapatra
  • Raju Maharana

Nandighosa Ratha Servitors

  • Bijaya Kumar Mohapatra
  • Shyam Sundar Moharana
  • Bhuban Maharana
  • Jagannath Maharana
  • Shyam Sundar Moharana
  • Duryodhan Maharana
  • Rabindra Maharana
  • Prananath Maharana
  • Bhagaban Maharana
  • Laxman Maharana
  • Shyam Sundar Moharana
  • Aeintha Maharana
  • Kartika Bhoi
  • Nabakishore Bhoi
  • Narayana Maharana
  • Lingaraj Mohapatra
  • Purna Chandra Mohapatra
  • Narayana Mohapatra
  • Basudev Mohapatra
  • Rama Chandra Mohapatra
  • Bijaya Mohapatra

Rath Yatra 2021

A Great Thanks to Our Hardworking Chariot Servitors for a Grand Success of Rath Yatra Every Year !!